Frequently Asked Questions

Can my farm supply MyMilk?

MyMilk is open to farms that are either:

1) dry farm conversions,

2) dairy farms currently supplying other processors,

3) farms that currently supply Fonterra that have been purchased by a first time dairy farm owner. Specific criteria apply so please give us a call to discuss with the team further.

Where is MyMilk operating?

MyMilk is open to collect milk in the same regions as Fonterra.

Who collects and processes the milk from MyMilk supplying farms?

MyMilk is backed by Fonterra, and Fonterra will collect and process milk from your farm if you join MyMilk.

What price will MyMilk pay for Milk?

We will pay a competitive price for your milk. For more details call us on 0800 224 660.

Do I need to buy shares in a company?

No, you aren't required to purchase shares while supplying MyMilk.

Am I locked in for multiple seasons?

We're here to give farms more options, so we don't lock farmers in for more than one season. Farmers can choose to leave at the end of any season (prior notice is required by 28th February) or stay for up to 5 seasons.

How long can I supply MyMilk for?

Farms can supply MyMilk for a maximum of 5 seasons.

What happens after 5 seasons?

After 5 seasons, we encourage farmers to join Fonterra as we believe having a large scale Co-op is the best model for the long term health of the New Zealand dairy industry. However, there is no obligation for you to join Fonterra.

I want to know more about MyMilk?

For more details, call us on 0800 224 600 and one of the MyMilk team will be able to help you.

Why MyMilk?

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MyMilk works with our farmers today to help shape their tomorrow.

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