Farmer Testimonials

We converted to Dairy to give our kids options for the future.

Hamish Munro

"We decided to join MyMilk as they were a New Zealand owned company and we felt that Fonterra was working for the farmer.

Our experience with MyMilk has been phenomenal, MyMilk is easy to work with and has very good communication."

We chose to support a NZ Dairy Company.

Bruce Rogers

"MyMilk enables us time to better understand the industry before any share requirements.

MyMilk support has been very good and very user friendly. The level of communications has been great."

Buying a dairy farm with MyMilk

If you are buying your first dairy farm and that farm is currently supplying Fonterra, you will need to meet the first time dairy farm owner eligibility criteria that MyMilk has established. If your farm meets this criteria, then MyMilk will support you as you transition into your first dairy farm ownership.
If you are buying a farm that currently supplies another processor, then MyMilk is an option for you to consider for your business.

MyMilk benefits

Mm Benefit Bubbles Shares

Farms can supply MyMilk for up to 5 seasons with no share requirements.

Mm Benefit Bubbles Flexibility

MyMilk offers 1 year auto renewing contracts.

Mm Benefit Bubbles Shares 2

MyMilk gives your business the ability to share up at any time with Fonterra.

Mm Benefit Bubbles Farm Services

MyMilk has access to all of Fonterra's skills and knowledge of the dairy sector.

Farm succession

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MyMilk is committed to the success of New Zealand's hard working farming families. So in 2015, we committed to drive a program of knowledge sharing between rural professionals and farmers about family farm succession and best practice. MyMilk created the Succession website.

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