Farmer Testimonials

I was looking to create a legacy for my children.

Linda Hofsteede

Linda converted a 351 hectare property at Alford Forest, Mid Canterbury from finishing bulls and beef cattle to running an 820 cow milking herd.

"Converting to dairying was about building a sustainable business for my family. In the long run, the Co-operative model suits me best. I want to be part of the company that I supply. My Milk will enable me to achieve that goal."

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Succession Planning was a factor.

Andrew and Sarah Carr

Andrew and Sarah converted their cropping farm at Lismore, Mid Canterbury and are now running an 830 cow milking herd.

"Buying shares up front was a challenge but we're fans of Fonterra. The Co-op needs to be strong for the future of farmers. MyMilk gives us breathing space before we decide to share-up. It's the best fit for us."

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Converting to Dairy with MyMilk

Making the decision to convert your farm to dairy is a very complex process. Here at MyMilk, we provide as much support and access to advice in order to help facilitate you on your journey into the dairy Industry.

Dairy Conversion benefits with MyMilk

Mm Benefit Bubbles Flexibility

MyMilk offers a 1 year auto renewing contract.

Mm Benefit Bubbles Shares

Farms can supply MyMilk for up to 5 seasons with no share requirements.

Mm Benefit Bubbles Shares 2

MyMilk gives your business the ability to share up at any time with Fonterra.

Mm Benefit Bubbles Farm Services

MyMilk has access to all of Fonterra's skills and knowledge of the dairy sector.

Conversion Academy

Dairy Conversion Logo

MyMilk is committed to supporting farmers once they have made the decision to convert a farm to dairy. In order to provide support and gain access to knowledge around farm conversion, MyMilk created the Conversion Academy website.

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