Farmer Testimonials

MyMilk has been very good as a stepping stone for us.

Mark Williams

"MyMilk’s service has been great, whenever you need someone they are just a phone call away.

MyMilk has a high level of professionalism and they want us to succeed."

It was an easy decision for us.

Paul and Philippa Clement

"We intend to share up, which we can do after supplying MyMilk for five years. MyMilk is making it possible for suppliers to come into the Co-operative in a manageable way, which is really good thinking and works well for us."

Paul and Philippa Clement converted their Southland farm to dairy and have opted to supply MyMilk.

Supplying another dairy processor

MyMilk provides a competitive offering backed by Fonterra.  Here at MyMilk, we would like the opportunity to discuss our offer with you and how MyMilk could support your business in the future.

The MyMilk advantage

Mm Benefit Bubbles Flexibility

MyMilk offers 1 year auto renewing contract.

Mm Benefit Bubbles Price

MyMilk will pay a competitive price for your milk.


MyMilk encourages farmers to join Fonterra as we believe having a large scale Co-op is the best model for the long term health of the New Zealand dairy industry.

Mm Benefit Bubbles Farm Services

MyMilk has access to all of Fonterra's skills and knowledge of the dairy sector.